Variable data printing

Variable data printing

variable data printing

Variable data printing means unlimited horizons, with the capability of producing completely unique images, print, and marketing on every single piece of shared product. Customized print job’s allow you to print the same creative piece with different names and information on the print piece. This allows for your end users to feel like they aren’t just getting a generic marketing pitch. It is custom tailored to them!

For example, a company that wants to send postcards to its top 100 clients inviting them to a special event can print the postcards with the same event information but different names, salutations, and even alternate colors and images depending on what they know of each particular client’s taste and preferences.

1:1 Marketing strategy

Variable Digital Print allows for truly personalized and 1:1 marketing, leveraging your data in every possible way. Southern California Graphics has the expertise to bring the potential of variable data to life, managing the inherent complexities in a seamless and fluid process. Our elite team can assist in developing a strategy and implementing perfect execution, producing the pieces with the variations you want, for the exact audience you need to capture.

Dive into the demographics

Putting your data to good use, drilling into the demographic you need and the response you seek, is part of Southern California Graphics commitment to service without boundaries™. Along with this refinement in marketing comes the ability to track statistics, conversion rates, and conduct A/B testing. QR code creation, printing, and tracking can be part of any piece as well.

Variable digital print includes:

  • Direct marketing
  • Variable data marketing
  • Data driven marketing
  • QR codes
  • pURLs
  • A/B testing
  • Statistics
  • Conversion rates