Electronic Pen Packaging

Electronic Pen Packaging

Southern California Graphics is a family owned and operated business that specializes in electronic pen packaging. In addition to liquid pen packaging and vaporizer pen packaging, we have over three decades of experience when it comes to the best Print Media and Commercial Print Solutions. Southern California Graphics print solutions works with you to market your business. Through print media, our skilled and experienced team is able to offer you advanced technical solutions that takes an ordinary print marketing piece, like electronic pen packaging, and takes it to the next level.

An electronic pen, otherwise known as a “liquid pen,” “e-pen,” “vaporizer” or “vape pen,” is a handheld electronic device which vaporizes a flavored liquid. The user inhales the vapor, usually containing nicotine.

● Liquid Pen Packaging: Electronic pen packaging should be highly customized to your exact brand, as far as color and overall aesthetic goes. The shape should take both functionality and branding into consideration. Any experienced printing and packaging company should offer a range of options when it comes to designing vaporizer pen packaging just for your unique product.

● Vaporizer Pen Packaging: In accordance with your company’s unique branding strategy, your electronic pen packaging should feature your logo.

● Electronic Pen Packaging: Liquid pen packaging needs to be in a variety of sizes, as different vaporizer pen packaging can store a different amount of liquid. Whether your product offers enough storage for 5 ml, 6 ml, 7 ml, 8 ml, or even 10 ml- a printing company like Southern California Graphics should be able to meet your needs.

Premium Liquid Pen Packaging

Southern California Graphics is one of the few high-end liquid pen packaging-printing companies in the country. Our innovative and cost-effective designs have brought home many packaging awards. We provide the sharpest, highest quality secondary packaging in the market.

We offer vaporize pen packaging, folding cartons, POP/POS displays, corrugated packaging, standees and other secondary packaging with a range of specialized coatings, including:

● Pearlized UV coating
● Reticulating UV coating
● 3-dimensional printing
● Lenticular printing

Packaging is your 5-second sales pitch. Our structural engineers, who have worked with many well-known contemporary brands, offer the most innovative structural designs and can get your brand to stand out from competitors’. Our dedication to quality and service is unparalleled and shines through each one of the unique packaging designs we create for you.

Southern California Graphics is a premier, world-leader in commercial printing services. We maintain a culture of excellence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Southern California Graphics: service without boundaries™.

Founded in 1974 as a small, family business, Southern California Graphics has taken home some of the most prestigious printing awards. We have the most sophisticated print, pre-press, data-driven marketing, large format, and packaging technologies. But what really sets us apart is our staff of passionate and innovative print specialists. We’re large enough to take care of all your printing in-house but small enough to provide focused, friendly, flexible, fast and forward-thinking service. As your digital communications partner, we provide customized solutions to meet your needs and, in turn, change the way you do business.

At Southern California Graphics, our print marketing solutions include: vaporizer pen packaging, Pre Media, Digital Printing, Fulfillment, Mailing, Packaging, Branding, Variable Data, and traditional print solutions. To learn more about Southern California Graphics and electronic pen packaging, liquid pen packaging and vaporizer pen packaging, please call 310-596-4244 or visit our website.