3D Lenticular Printing

The Benefits of 3D Lenticular Printing


3D Lenticular Printing


Any LA printing company worth its salt can provide lenticular printing. While it’s a complicated process which requires a combination of artistic skill and experience as well as specialist printing equipment. Of all the printing services Los Angeles has to offer, Southern California Graphics is perhaps the most adept with modern 3D lenticular printing techniques. Learn more about our talent for creating immersive and eye-catching lenticular print materials below!


3D Lenticular Printing and Expertise

The technology of lenticular printing is highly intricate. Only the most high quality printing Los Angeles can offer is able to use it to its fullest potential. Lenticular images are ‘sliced’ into many thin filaments and interspersed with a second, third, or even additional images. These images are then reconstituted by ridged strips of plastic, which reflect different sections depending on the angle which the viewer is looking at it from. This effect is commonly used to convey a sense of animation, but can also be employed for 3D effects. The technical proficiency required by designer and printer alike means that Southern California Graphics is an LA printing press unlike others in being able to offer printing of this complexity.


Why 3D Lenticular Printing Works

From a marketing psychology perspective, 3D lenticular printing is a highly effective marketing strategy because it provides novelty: the depth of field a consumer’s eye is coaxed into perceiving conveys a different feeling to the hundreds of two dimensional ads that we are bombarded with every day. The additional engagement that this novelty provides can assist in making a more substantial impression on a consumer, and is often partnered with dynamic or shocking material to further impact consumers. For example, 3D lenticular marketing is often used for movies, video games, and other intense properties, as well as non-profit causes with heavy emotional elements like animal cruelty and child abuse.


Los Angeles and 3D Lenticular Printing

Local companies use lenticular printing in diverse ways. Some are experimenting with Los Angeles’ poster printing style, particularly Los Angeles’ movie poster printing. Whether they’re in a shopping center, theater lobby, or at a bus stop, these lenticular posters definitely catch the eye and make a serious impression. Other companies are using lenticular printing for different purposes, such as custom business cards Los Angeles employees can use to distinguish themselves from the crowd.


3D Lenticular Printing as an Alternative

One of the advantages of lenticular printing is that the depth and sense of movement that it provides creates the kind of effect that can be highly expensive to replicate and distribute. Animation can be extremely pricey to produce, and while ads incorporating flatscreens are becoming more prevalent, they are also still significantly more expensive than printing, Los Angeles ad prices notwithstanding.


If you’re interested in learning more about how Southern California Graphics can work with you to implement 3D lenticular printing in your marketing campaigns and beyond, get in touch now! Say hello at https://www.socalgraph.com/contact. We look forward to hearing from you!


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