Case Study 3

Using versioned print to reach unique segments inside an audience group Challenge

Nationwide Lexus dealers wanted a professional-looking brochure containing specific after-market accessories, targeted to SC-model buyers. From a total list of 20 accessories, dealers wanted to chose the top 4 that fit their regional demographic best, and thereby personalize an offering.


Incorporating dealer marketing data, Southern California Graphics helped create a data-driven print insert which bound into a static Lexus SC brochure. This combination proved valuable since qualified buyers received more relevant offerings and avoided a timely search for the specific accessories they found most pertinent. This tailored solution proved exceptionally successful. Specific project workflow included:

  • Dealers used a custom website to complete their request.
  • A database containing dealer contact information, brochure quantity and version ID for 4 pages was created and delivered to Southern California Graphics.
  • Southern California Graphics massaged this data and created the unique combinations of 4 PDF pages to match dealers’ requests.
  • PDF combination data directly drove the press and bindery operations, minimizing setup and delivering 100% accuracy.
  • The data also flowed directly into Southern California Graphics logistics to drive shipment packaging, labeling and tracking.
  • Tracking numbers were matched to order data and returned to customer automatically.

Using print can deliver some exceptional results. To discuss how Southern California Graphics can solve your next challenge, contact your Southern California Graphics account executive or e-mail