Case Study 1

Brand-specific storefronts drive business efficiently and economically


This food chain operates a nationwide franchise operation but needed an easy-to-use tool to support franchisees, whether in Los Angeles or Louisiana. Since store marketing changed monthly, the solution required the ability to move quickly, to deliver professional and consistent brand materials, and to function independently, without adding head count at the Corporate office.


Southern California Graphics created a branded online site that any franchisee can access directly. Using a series of templates, brand ID is now locked. Mistakes and inconsistencies no longer exist. Most importantly, the solution allows management to track and report order and usage information on a store-by-store basis. This results in better information, stronger decision making, less inventory overhead and timely store change outs.

Specific project workflow included:

  • Each location uses a unique login and password combination, ensuring secure transactions.
  • Login credentials drive the products listed so that each store sees items relevant to their business needs.
  • Orders are immediately checked for accuracy through an on-screen proof.
  • Flexible payment options include a corporate P-card, individual credit card or paper invoice.
  • Inventoried items are also listed and tracked to ensure that sufficient quantity exists to meet franchisee needs.
  • Shipping automatically calculated based on service level needed.
  • Tax information calculated automatically based on delivery location.
  • Accounting is simplified, since clients know order totals before leaving the site.

Using tailored order and inventory systems can deliver some exceptional results. To discuss how Southern California Graphics can solve your next challenge, contact your Southern California Graphics account executive or e-mail