Case Study 2

A better way to manage projects


A major entertainment studio sought the perfect tool for managing its packaging creative process. The tool must route proofs automatically, track approvals and guarantee speed-to-market. Most importantly, the solution had to be easily adopted, without completely changing current business practices.


Southern California Graphics blended two independent software modules—PDF and CRM—into one cohesive tool. We also eliminated IT bottlenecks by incorporating file links rather than moving large files through corporate e-mail servers. Finally we integrated automation and accountability so that managers, vendors and approvers receive e-mail prompts indicating precisely where each project exists in the pipeline. Together, these have reduced the time-to-market by 30% and improved communication accuracy.

Specific project workflow included:

  • Vendor creates merged PDF containing legal information and creative layouts.
  • File is uploaded to server and a status alert is sent via e-mail to the project manager.
  • Link is pasted into digital job ticket, enabling manager to view a complete project history at a glance.
  • Using e-mail messages and links to file, projects routes throughout organization.
  • Any changes are compiled, organized and returned to vendor via e-mail.
  • Mistakes are avoided since comments are easy to read and point precisely to the area affected.

Rethinking your project approval process can deliver exceptional results. To discuss how Southern California Graphics can solve your next challenge, contact your Southern California Graphics account executive or e-mail