ATT Print Case Study

AT&T Case Study: Print ROI Four Times that of TV

You can not argue with the numbers. According to the recent report published by the Mobile Marketing Association, the results of AT&T campaign for the company’s Moto X smartphones showed the highest ROI with Print Marketing. Look at the stats!


 The Answer is AT&T

According to the report “[Research marketing firm] Marketing Evolution found that the return on investment (awareness generated per advertising dollar

ATTPRINTspent) of mobile was twice that of TV, and print magazines’ return on investment was four times that of TV,” Consterdine notes about the AT&T case study.

The Moto X smartphone marketing campaign put 93% of the budget towards television ads, 5% to desktop online, 1% on mobile, and 1% in print. The campaign was then analyzed to model an optimum budget split, to maximize ROI across the marketing channels.

AT&T determined that they needed to increase the budget for print marketing & advertising and reduce the spend on TV advertising. This isn’t something new for fortune 500 clients looking to do direct response marketing.

Fortune 500 companies are analyzing marketing budgets more than ever and with the evolution of the internet, data is a integral part of determining a response rate. When evaluating where to spend your money, look no further to the spend breakdown after a true market evaluation from AT&T.

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