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    In their recent catalog ad campaign,  Ikea agrees with what SCG has been claiming for many years; print is not dead.  Take some time and watch this ad  http://time.com/3265308/ikea-catalog-2015/  that promotes their new catalog Bookbook, where the Swedish furniture chain uses 3D technology to represent their products on each of the glossy pages that potential customers will turn.  In a very clever fashion, they extol the virtues of their catalog claiming that it’s based on tactile touch technology, and it’s fully charged with a battery that is eternal.  Ah the virtues of paper, something that SCG has been practicing since it’s founding https://socalgraph.com/about-scg/history/  in Los Angeles in 1974.

    Advantages of Print

    While Ikea is in the business of selling home furnishings, they have struck every note about the advantages of print in their recent ad, and we at SCG couldn’t agree more.  First and foremost, there’s a human element in holding a piece of print media in your hands. Potential clients and existing clients can hold and study everything from business cards, to sell sheets, to brochures  https://socalgraph.com/capabilities/brochure-printing-los-angeles/ and make informed purchasing decisions. That’s what we call the tangibility factor; print is real and real denotes reliability and trustworthiness.

    Here at SCG we respect your brand, and we will reflect your branding message across all forms of print media, which gives that message strength.  Collateral print materials have tangible substance, they have transparency, and as Ikea has shown, they have terrific browsability, which promotes sales.  Hold, read, browse, buy.  And with print media, no battery needed.

    Low Tech Doesn’t Mean No Tech

    Don’t be fooled into thinking that low tech is derogatory because Ikea just illustrated what a superlative it is when marketing their print catalog. And don’t be fooled into thinking that print media is low tech, far from it.  At award-winning https://socalgraph.com/southern-california-graphics-walks-away-with-multiple-print-excellence-awards/   SCG, we have the latest capabilities https://socalgraph.com/capabilities/ and finest, cutting edge technology in the print industry today.  We are a full service, digital printing company that can guide you from prepress through to completion, with high quality retouching, file building, and quick turnaround times.  We can customize any print job, from small business printing to large, outdoor campaigns, packaging, and home entertainment projects  Our highly experienced team paired with the most modern machinery results in a high tech print product.  These days, our print product is in fact, high tech.

    Contact  https://socalgraph.com/contact/ our team today and let us show you the genius behind print marketing materials. Ikea has known all along, and you will know too.

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