• Holiday Printing 2021

    Choosing Holiday Printing 2021 Southern California Graphics offers holiday printing for 2021 holidays. At this time of year, there are many reasons for companies to seek printing companies to help them put out print materials such as: Catalogs – At … Continue reading

    Lenticular Printing Los Angeles

    Lenticular Printing Los Angeles – Creating Lasting Results Not long ago, a new customer approached us about printing stationery and a couple of other items for her new business. She was a recent graduate of a prominent art school and … Continue reading

    Brochure Printing

    Your Best Choice for Brochure Printing Los Angeles Roll fold. Gate fold. Half fold. Tri-fold. Z fold. Accordion fold. Half and half. Double parallel fold. Half fold to tri-fold. Double gate fold. Stitched. With an insert. With pockets. The list … Continue reading

    Southern California Graphics

    Southern California Graphics – Committed to Continuous Improvement  Throughout U.S. history, businesses have come and gone. You may be old enough to remember airlines such as Pan Am or TWA, which were once bitter rivals. Or you may recall a … Continue reading

    Commercial Printing Los Angeles

    Commercial Printing Los Angeles: Big Differences Abound  Many businesses are limited to the capabilities of their equipment, their inventory, or their business model. If you are hungry, you cannot, for example, get a hot dog at McDonald’s. It’s not on … Continue reading

    SoCal Graphics

    SoCal Graphics – Innovation Creates Superior Products When we think of how far we have come in the 40+ years we have been in business, one of the most remarkable feats we have accomplished is thriving this long in what … Continue reading

    Giant Posters get Giant Responses

    Giant Posters get Giant Responses Today, most businesses large and small are scrambling each day to conjure up some innovative form of expressing their differentiation to their target audience. Despite the great leaps of the Internet, it too has become … Continue reading

    Wide Format Printer

    Wide Format Printer – Steady Growth for Good Reason We have a tendency to take most industry projections with a large grain of salt, but in this case the news that just came across the desk supports what Southern California … Continue reading

    Sign Printing

    Sign Printing – Details Matter When it comes time to print large format signs, many business take the shortest, least expensive route to the completion of the project. Unfortunately, many of them discover too late that there is a reason … Continue reading

    Custom Vinyl Banners

    Custom Vinyl Banners Attract the Right Customers  You’ve probably heard it a hundred times by now: Each day we are bombarded with thousands of messages vying for our attention. The messages may be as subtle as the logo on the … Continue reading