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    The printed material that you bring to your next presentation will be the key to its success. Printed matter can make the difference between a hit or a flop as your audience listens to you speak, whether it’s a pitch, a lecture, an in service training session, or a high- powered conference.  Your print materials speak volumes about your product or service, and polish your image and stature as much as your attire or your grooming.

    According to Entrepreneur  http://www.entrepreneur.com , author Dew Stevens, Ph.D, states that you must appeal to the audience’s five senses in order to make a good presentation.  Compile quality content that piques the listener’s interest, and premier custom printing that captures and holds audience attention.


    Furthermore,biologist John Medina at the University of Washington http://www.washington.edu School of Medicine reports from his studies that the typical adult audience has a 10 minute attention span, and that powerpoint presentations usually fail to capture audience interest in a product or service beyond the 10 minute mark.  Powerpoint and other slides – like presentation rarely have an audience involvement component. Whereas the tactile, sensory experience of holding printed consumables is much more engaging and participatory.  Printed material by its nature holds more audience appeal.


    Forbes http://www.forbes.com/sites/kathryndill/2014/05/01/never-give-a-boring-presentation-again/  advises to always allow ample preparation time leading up to the presentation moment.  Review your notes or outlines and know what the purpose of your pitch or speech ultimately is.  Rather than thinking about everything that can wrong, think about everything that can go right and be positive. Be in the frame of mind that sees the audience as on your side,  interested to learn about something new, glad to receive the information that you will deliver.  Always have a genuine connection to the subject you are presenting and the audience will find you authentic and hence trust what you have to say.


    Gather your assets together, that is, the print media you will bring to illuminate your presentation.  Southern California Graphics, or SCG   https://socalgraph.com/capabilities/  to their clients, can help you assemble custom printed materials suitable for any type of presentation.  They have the experience and technology to produce print material that will give your presentation the power and punch that it deserves.  Their staff will partner with you to define and refine all collateral materials https://socalgraph.com/capabilities/  in order to  work best for your purpose.

    Make your next presentation a powerful one with business cards, brochures, catalogues, 3D posters, and die cut binders just to name a few.  Grab audience attention with specialty colors and high end retouching and finishing.  Engage your audience with tangible materials that resonate with every word of your presentation.  Let Southern California Graphics be that premier printing company that breaks the 10 minute attention rule at your next presentation.

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