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    Commercial Printing Projects

    When it comes to commercial printing projects, there are few things that everyone expects: the custom printing should look great, be cost effective and be delivered quickly. So why does it seem so hard to get?

    One of the biggest problems is people have started to rely on those massive online readingprinting companies who rely on the same limited commercial printing designs for all their customers, have long delivery times and often put out a sub-par printed product. Though these online printing companies initially seem great (especially when they entice businesses with promises of low fees and speedy delivery) the results aren’t always what a business owner had in mind. There are quite a few reasons why it’s better to find a high-quality local printing company, rather than paying too much and getting too little from some huge online printing warehouse.

    The Advantage of a Local Commercial Printing Company

    When you work with a local commercial printing company, you develop a personal relationship with your printer – and that has a ton of advantages. By working one on one with a small business, you have access to design ideas and can personally proof all of your designs, so your custom printing order is guaranteed to look perfect. 

Local commercial printing companies are also able to handle all types of printing requests, whereas large online printing companies may have a much more limited menu of options for clients to choose from. Because you are working one on one with a local staff, you are able to bounce ideas off each other and come up with a solution to just about every type of specialty printing need, whether it’s direct mail printing, 3D lenticular postcards, commercial brochure printing, foil stamp printing, large format printing or menu printing. Because you can actually visit a physical print shop, you have much more control over the finished product and are able to personally assist and oversee the printing process.

    Local Specialty Printing Provides a Better Quality Product

    Many business owners have turned to local specialty printing services after receiving poor service or bad quality commercial printing projects from online printers. Consider this: an online printing warehouse gets thousands and thousands of orders every day. Even if they employ a huge staff. You can imagine that most products that churn through such a huge operation aren’t getting the expert proofing they deserve. The result is commercial printing projects that have off colors, are off-center, are smudged or faded or are poorly-pixelated. By the time you order them and send them back, how much money and time have you actually saved?

    Smaller commercial printing companies personally look over every product that they produce and check for printing errors, smudges, coloration issues and general quality issues. When you work locally, you aren’t only supporting a printing business in your community, you are also ensuring that you will receive personal attention and a high-quality product.

    A LA Commercial Printing Service Provider

    If you’re looking for high-quality Los Angeles printing services, check out Southern California Graphics. Since 1974, Southern California Graphics has been a leader in commercial printing services and can work with your business on virtually any size or type of commercial printing projects. We offer direct mail printing, lenticular printing, programs printing, double sided printing, saddle stitch binding, catalog printing and much more. Basically, if it can be printed on – we can do it.

    We work with a talented staff that are trained in the newest and most advanced printing technologies. Southern California Graphics also employs a staff of visionary graphic design pros that can help you turn any vision into a reality. To view a gallery of our commercial printing projects or learn more about our custom printing services, check out the Southern California Graphics web site or call (310) 559-3600 today.


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