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    The brochure is one of the most elemental marketing tools your company can employ.  Only custombrochureslightly less humble perhaps than the business card, but with just as much longevity in the marketing arena, and the ability to present much more information.  But if your version of the brochure consists of a  folded piece of paper with cut and paste text and a few small images, then you’ve underestimated this valuable tool.  A good custom commercial printer can take the humble brochure, unleash it’s potential, and it will go rogue in the best possible way.  The custom printed brochure can flex a lot of muscle in a small amount of space, and within every budget.

    What can a custom printed brochure do for you?

    A brochure can serve many industries.  A corporate brochure allows you to project your credentials in the most positive way, outlining the strengths and benefits of your company. A sales brochure provides focus on a single product or set of related products where your brand message is heavily featured.  An arts brochure can describe a single museum showing, or a whole season of performances at a theater.  Custom printed brochures are the marketing work horses across many sectors.

    Customized brochures go Rogue

    A custom printed brochure can have maximum impact when you use some imagination and have a professional printing company that can fulfill your marketing vision. Think beyond the typical brochure.

    Folds:  A trifold brochure is not the best choice for luxury products which require whitespace and bigger pictures, and it’s not the most eye catching because it’s so expected.  Instead, consider single fold, gate fold, roll fold, french or right angle fold, or catalog style.

    Color and Font:  Color implies a lot more than just aesthetics, so choose carefully because it’s the first thing people will notice about your brochure.  But, be bold and creative with the color choice, as well as the typographic details of font and text placement.  Goldenrod, Cerulean, Amazon Green, Midnight.

    Special Printing Techniques:  Besides paper quality which might be limited by budget, custom printing adds flair with some special techniques like, letterpress and die cut  https://socalgraph.com/capabilities/los-angeles-die-cutting-and-gluing/.  Use those to spice up any brochure.

    Content:  Here you can pull out all the stops and have your custom brochure serve multiple purposes.  Perhaps you’ve developed a conference talk, a financial report, or a list of tips on using your product. If you’re a school, use your schedule of events in your brochure that parents will keep as a calendar throughout the year.  All of that informative content can be reused and formatted into a brochure.  That’s a brochure that clients will hold on to, and refer to over time.  Repurpose some of the excellent work that you’ve already developed into a dazzling brochure and it will be remembered and used by your target audience.

    Customized Brochure Printing in Los Angeles

    If you are looking for a customized brochure in Los Angeles look no further than SCG. WIth our Digital and Shet Feed press we can customize your brochures to any format/ design you can think of. The premier, custom commercial print shop in Los Angeles is Southern California Graphics (SCG) https://socalgraph.com.  They wrote the book on custom brochure printing  https://socalgraph.com/capabilities/brochure-printing-los-angeles/ for every type of company or solo entrepreneur, and at every price point too. Partner https://socalgraph.com/contact/ with them and their team will develop your vision into a printed marketing tool that will amaze your target audience.  Southern California Graphics has the expertise, the artistry, and the print technology to take your brochure rogue.

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