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    Printing for Los Angeles Advertising & Marketing Agencies

    With so many consumers carrying smartphones everywhere they go now, there’s been a lot of buzz in recent years about the importance of mobile marketing – so much so that Marketing Strategyone may be surprised to learn that more consumers today, in fact, choose a business through good, old-fashioned direct mail (34%) than through either email (25%) or search engines (only 10%). So while advertising and marketing agencies spend a lot of time now on mobile marketing and search engine optimization (which, granted, is increasingly important today), printed materials are still crucial in driving sales. Despite the popularity of the disparaging term “junk mail,” the truth is that consumers really do look at marketing material that arrives in the mail; rather than going directly into the trash (as many would assume it does), direct mail material often persuades consumers to make purchases. This is why smart Los Angeles printing services today continue to put their best efforts into every detail of not only their clients’ digital marketing needs but also their direct mail campaigns.

    Direct Mail Response Rates

    While today we may focus on how often (and how quickly) marketing messages sent through email are opened – and we may think of shopping in the 21st century as largely involving someone on an online device, surfing the web – the truth is, when comparing the power of marketing information sent to existing customers via email versus direct mail, a good commercial printing company knows that the chance of customers responding to direct mail is actually an astounding 30 times greater. It is interesting to note that when making important, somewhat personal life decisions – about medical, financial, and insurance choices or policies, for example – consumers are especially partial to having information in a format that they can hold in their hands. Overall, of every 10 people who receive a piece of direct mail marketing, more than half (6.5 oin average) will engage with the business that sent it, many making a purchase.

    For Marketing, Quality Printing Matters Today Moreapproved.eps Than Ever

    Times change, but direct mail remains a persuasive marketing and advertising tool. It is no wonder, then, that annual spending on direct marketing in recent years has approached five billion dollars, with that number only expected to grow another 3.6% through the current year. The return on investment is high, but for the amount of money invested, companies want assurance that the work produced is of the highest possible quality. Therefore, the type of digital printing Los Angeles marketing and advertising agencies need continues to be well-designed, persuasive printed material, including the type that arrives in the mail.


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