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    Presentation Folder Printing

    An old adage states that there is one chance to make a first impression.  Forbes magazine goes further and claims that you have only seven seconds to make a first impression! Either way, the presentation folder is a powerful tool  that you can employ in brochure-folder-pouch-designorder to create a lasting first impression on your target market, on your existing clients, on your colleagues, even on your competitors. Once the presentation folder is in your hands, it’s as much a part of creating an impression as the clothes on your back, the briefcase under your arm, or the shine on your shoes.

    The typical presentation folder is a piece of cardstock that is folded in half to form a 9 inch by 12 inch tall enclosure.  A flap is folded up on the inside of the enclosure to form pockets. It’s main function is to hold any number of loose materials so that they are packaged together in organized fashion, to better aid in making a related pitch. Brochures are one example of the type of material to be contained in a presentation folder. Presentation folders are not limited to containing materials used in sales pitches only. They are often used to package content for a conference or training class, to hold graphs and reports for a stockholders meeting, or to contain compelling information at a foundation’s fundraising dinner.  The possibilities for the use of a presentation folder are endless. How does one decide on the kind of presentation folder to order?  Ask yourself how important your sales goals are, your fundraising dollars are, your in-service training lecture is; or how hard you and your team have worked on fabricating those documents. Typical and ordinary are not words one wants to use to leave a lasting first impression.

    Not Your Ordinary Folder

    Your marketing material is often the first contact potential customers have with your product, and you want the presentation folder to have impact so that you and your brand are memorable.  You will not find that a big box of manilla folders does the job, nor would one that you’ve labeled or stamped yourself be much better for the effort. However a custom printed presentation folder will add that touch of class and professionalism to any meeting. A polished presentation folder gives clients the image of a hardworking person, taking their job seriously, unafraid to go the extra mile in every aspect of their product representation.  In the greater Los Angeles area, a commercial printer like Southern California Graphics understands that image is almost everything in the corporate world, and the package that contains your key marketing documents should have high quality and high impact.  Their team works closely with each client to design the presentation folder with card stock, color, design, size, configuration, and brand recognition to enhance your company’s goals. Large or small, Southern California Graphics will produce first impression, presentation folders, that you can be proud to carry into your next meeting, and that no other business has duplicated.


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