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    Make the Most of Your Print Marketing

    There is a lot of focus on digital marketing these days, but as any business expert will tell you, a well-rounded marketing campaign should almost always contain print marketing elements. Despite the focus on digital promotions, print marketing is a lucrative venture Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 10.28.38 PMwhen it comes to growing a company’s brand. Businesses that are looking to develop a solid print marketing strategy to complement their digital marketing efforts might be unsure of where to start – but these five helpful tips can help guide you in the right direction. These tips come from Southern California Graphics, a Los Angeles commercial printing company that has worked on printed campaigns nationwide.

    • Don’t Fret Over the “Perfect Message”: You will never find the exact perfect message to appeal to every single person – so stop trying. Instead, focus on several key messages that you think most reflect your brand identity. Rather than wracking your brain trying to find the perfect slogan, just get your brand OUT there and start creating print marketing pieces to draw attention to your business. That means getting flyers and direct mail out with useful information, such as upcoming sales or promotions. While other companies are fretting over every aspect of the “perfect” printed piece, you’re getting your business out there in front of new customers. It is better to have several pieces of “imperfect” but visible marketing than waiting to distribute one pristine piece.
    • Create Content with a Lasting Message: There is a certain element of timelessness to print media that just can’t be found in digital marketing.  The shelf-life of a print product is limitless – whereas digital content easily and quickly gets swallowed up in the online landscape. If you want to create long-lasting brand resonance and a sense of history, you should be investing in print. That means incorporating print pieces that have a message and purpose that will resonate for years to come and are not trendy or short-sighted in nature. Think about classic Coca-Cola ads, which stand the test of time, no matter what the generation.
    • Make Print Marketing a Priority: Print marketing cannot be treated as an afterthought – it must be given priority in a well-rounded marketing campaign. Why? Because print brings a lot of value to your marketing campaign. Print marketing has a higher perceived value than digital marketing does, industry experts agree. (This is why even big online companies such as Google utilize print marketing in their campaigns!) Utilizing print marketing will help you stand out against the “digital masses” because it shows a consumer that you have a larger commitment to your content. Print’s inherent value increases its perceived value – and that goes far with a potential customer base.
    • Give Consumers Something to Hold On To: Direct mail marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools out there. It’s been around for decades – and its effectiveness has not decreased, even in this digital age. Why? Because when a consumer receives a piece of print marketing, they instantly feel as if they are “connected” to a company, just by holding the piece of paper in their hand.  Print media and direct mail marketing pulls people away from the nonstop flurry of digital ads and creates an opportunity for them to look, hold and feel your company’s message. It is an intimate form of advertising that cannot be replicated in the digital world.
    • Think Big: Direct mail, print ads, business cards and small print marketing pieces are all wonderful marketing tools for your arsenal – but to stand out, it sometimes pays to “go big”. Large format printing is a great advertising investment when you need to make a major impact. Los Angeles large format printing reaches a wide audience and allows you many new creative opportunities, from banners to car wraps.
      Looking for the best printing company? Los Angeles’ Southern California Graphics is an industry leader, offering a wide range of printing services that can complement your digital media campaign or act as a stand-alone print campaign.  Digital printing at Southern California Graphics is a creative, collaborative process and SCG’s team of print media and digital media experts work in tandem to develop a well-rounded and effective total business marketing strategy.  To learn more about the Los Angeles commercial printing services and commercial printing services offers at Southern California Graphics, visit our web site for a gallery of projects and to request a quote from one of our commercial printing experts.

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