Lenticular Printing Advertising

The principles of lenticular printing advertising are backed by human psychology. Heightening the depth, color, and sharpness of the images on display while bringing elements of motion to advertising increases its impact. We look at these animated graphics longer than with other advertising, partly because of their novelty, partly to properly assess them. This makes it likelier that we will remember the product or service the lenticular printing advertising is selling.


Professional point of purchase lenticular printing advertising adds new dimension to store displays. The extra value added by this greater visibility is hard to overstate, as this stage of purchase is when customer make the majority of their most impulsive, high-margin purchases. Take the next step in cutting-edge signage to capitalize before your competition does.


Lenticular printing advertising is not only useful in signage. It can be applied to direct mail campaigns. Visible lenticular elements have been shown in cases to increase response rates by over 1000%.