Lenticular Printing

Lenticular Printing Services

Struggling to find a reputable commercial printing company specializing in lenticular printing, 3D lenticular printing, morphing, depth, and large format lenticular printing services? Why is finding a high-end lenticular printing tough to find? For one the investment into software, technology, and printing presses is very expensive. Not every printer has the risk tolerance to enter the marketplace. Many printers will outsource their lenticular work overseas or to a printing company like Southern California Graphics. Lenticular printing is a highly specialized service that requires the understanding of your desired scope of work, lenticular effect, as well as the type of lens and the printing press is best used to get the perfect result. SCG is also one of the few lenticular printing companies that specialize in Lenticular Print Design for those who don’t know how to design files for lenticular printing and 3D Lenticular Prints.

Museum, Exhibits, Tradeshow, & Oversized Lenticular Printing

Large Format lenticular printing service

Looking to print oversized lenticular posters, banners, pop displays, outdoor signage, or retail campaigns? Southern California Graphics has been entrusted for over a decade producing some of the most creative lenticular printing services for Out Of Home campaigns, Movie Posters, Retail Signage, and direct mail postcards.

Find A Lenticular or 3D Lenticular Printer?

SCG has an inhouse lenticular printing designer specializing in 3D, morph, and 2,3,4+ image flips. We can design any idea you have for your lenticular printing project. We also design 3D renders, bitmaps, and work with all file adobe or other file types such as illustrator, pdf, photoshop, and InDesign.

What is the difference between a flip, morph and 3D lenticular print? Here are some examples of different types of lenticular printing options for you to choose between. The price point for lenticular printing varies based on the amount of interlacing work needed for 2 images, 3 images, 4 (+) image flips, morphing, and 3D renders.

Morphing Lenticular Printing Services

3D Lenticular Printing Services

3D lenticular printing is the obvious choice when you need something to really grab a consumer’s attention. Southern California Graphics offers a broad range of specialty printing services incorporating lenticular printing, such as postcards, wall graphics, posters, and business cards.


Lenticular printing is rarely offered by printers as it requires a rare combination of talent, attention to detail, and an expensive investment in specialist machinery. Southern California Graphics has all three in ready supply.


For grabbing a media-saturated consumer’s attention, there’s nothing like lenticular printing: perfect for holiday promotions and movie posters. If given a lenticular postcard, consumers are compelled to make the 3D image switch between designs. This interactive element can engineer the buy-in necessary to win the attention of your audience, and at a much more affordable price point than traditional high-dollar ad campaigns.


Southern California Graphics is the printer of choice for special lenticular printing projects, be they wall wraps, posters, or other large format graphics. Museums, sports venues, and Fortune 500 companies have asked us to create and install large format lenticular prints. If you have questions about how we can make lenticular printing work for you, get in touch on 310-596-4244 or online at https://www.socalgraph.com/contact/.