Lenticular Images

Lenticular images are an extremely eye-catching and effective way of grabbing people’s attention, be it for marketing purposes, or merely to thrill someone who has already bought into your product. A lenticular image, if designed right, instantly adds credibility and a kind of professionalism to your brand.

A lenticular image is composed of many different ‘slices’ of two or more different images, upon which is superimposed a sheet of clear, ridged plastic. The segments of the ridge will reflect a different portion of the image when viewed from different angles, meaning that changing one’s perspective also changes the parts of the image one sees. This ‘animation’ effect can be used to convey motion or transformation.

Of course, this level of complexity requires thoughtful design and expert printing. Something you can be sure of when you choose Southern California Graphics. We’re able to die cut and install graphics including large format images.