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    Hiring an online printing company vs. Commercial Printing Company

    The print industry is saturated with online printing companies offering dirt cheap printing options. As online printing options grow more and more traditional commercial printers is becoming a lost art. So what is the difference of using a commercial printing company OnlinePrintingVsCommercialPrintingvs. ordering your printing needs online?

    Due to technology the printing industry has had to make radical changes. Marketing directors are commoditizing their printing needs and going with the cheaper printer. What are forgotten are the quality, the process, and the scope of work that comes with every printing job! Most commercial printers have a website for you to place an order through, which is way different than the new age “online printers”.   Let us explain:

    Why use a Commercial Printing Company

    You will find most fortune 500 companies won’t utilize an online printing company for a couple of reasons. The quality of the project can be suspect, the option to customize the project is nil, and making deadlines is tough. Also with online printing companies your printing is being produced in what is called a “gang run process” where your project is being printed with 100’s or thousands of other projects.

    Typically if you utilize print marketing your projects range from: business cards, leaflets, brochures, letterheads, flyers, pamphlets, posters, to hoardings, there are numerous business collaterals that you need to get designed and printed. Doing that online on a per project basis doesn’t allow you to collaborate with a print marketing representative to understand the difference in the creative evolution. You might also miss out on great opportunities or other ways to see out the project. Key elements to consider are: the type of paper you’re going to use, incorporating print statistics and data tracking, the die cutting and gluing options, not to mention the foiling and coating options.

    Printing Makes the First Impression, Make it Count

    Cheaper isn’t always better! Don’t under estimate how important printing really is. Printing is your first impression on a potential business transaction. So if you are a movie studio adCheaper-Isn't-Bettervertising your film, you’re a club promoting your events, or a simple business man making a sales pitch. Whenever you approach a prospective client, you tend to hand off your print collateral during the initial stage of the meeting. This helps in creating the first connect between you and your target audience and moreover helps them know you and remembers you. Printing is always the first and last impression you make, so you need to make it count.

    Choosing an online printer vs. using a tradition commercial printing company is a big decision no matter the size of your company. It is very important for you to not penny pinch on your printing marketing for your business because it can jeopardize your branding and make the wrong first impression.

    So while the objectives may differ business to business, the importance and dependence on the printed hard copies cannot be ignored. Using an online printing company vs. utilizing a commercial printing company with online ordering elements is a big difference. Once you build a repot with a company like SCG then ordering online after the collaboration of the project is finalized is way safer bet.

    Remember you pay for what you get!

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