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    Continuous Improvement: Improve or Lose

    Kaizen is a Japanese concept that means, approximately, “change for the better.” Interestingly, many sources attribute the full-blown embracement of kaizen to Dr. W. Edwards Deming, an American who helped Japan rebuild after World War II.Printing Better

    At the time, Deming was executing the answer to a question that every business must ask itself periodically in order to remain relevant. The question is, “If we could start all over again, how would our business look?” (or what would we do differently)

    Deming’s clean slate and unprecedented carte blanche in Japan enabled him to create an industrial powerhouse out of a beaten, demoralized society. His success is seen in the amazing growth of the Japanese auto industry during the 1960’s and 70’s and in the continued demand for Japanese products such as appliances.

    You may know Kaizen as “continuous improvement, which is the dedication to sensible change  on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It’s the old “adapt or die” mentality, but in Deming’s case, it was used as a positive force.

    Southern California Graphics (SCG) became and has remained one of the region’s printing powerhouses because of our commitment to continuous improvement. And it goes without saying that there would be no continuous improvement without the right people to initiate and embrace the philosophy.

    The Proof is in the… Printing

    The most recent continuous improvements at SCG help us produce better products more efficiently. Our most recent improvements include:

    • Installation of a state-of-the-art Fuji Flat Bed UV Printer. This is important to you because it has the ability to print directly onto a variety of materials such as solid bleached sulfate (SBS) board, plastic, foil board to produce unparalleled color consistency.
    • Installation of a state-of-the-art computer aided design (CAD) table, which improves the efficiency of our packaging by enabling it to cut multiple pieces of the same design at one time and can accompany a variety of materials.
    • Increased efficiency through the addition of 9-color Mitsubishi processing which allows our engineers to print jobs in one pass versus slower competitors who require two passes to get the same result.
    • More printing efficiency through our 8 Color UV Mitsubishi process which can print on plastics, synthetics, mylars, foil boards, and textures such as reticulating UV coatings to accent the packaging finishes. Prior to adding this technology, similar work was often done in the Midwest or overseas.

    The better printing difference

    We hope that Dr. Deming would be proud of SCG’s track record of continuous improvement. But our success is based on more than new equipment. In the world of Los Angeles printing services, Southern California Graphics (SCG) is one of the most trusted names. Our design and production teams understand how a target audience experiences a brand, and produces exceptional visual products.

    SCG is the commercial printing company with the right collateral materials to satisfy all of your B2B marketing strategies, including:

    • Business cards
    • Brochure printing
    • Folder printing
    • 3D printing
    • Large format printing
    • Catalog printing
    • And yes, direct mail

    In a B2B setting, where contracts have crucial dollar value and importance, turn to SCG to help position your brand to get the response you want. For more information, call us at 310-596-4244 or click here to reach us online.

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