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Founded in 1974 as a small print shop, Southern California Graphics today is one of the finest commercial printers in the country. We lead the field in print, pre-press, and data-driven marketing capabilities. Our culture is based on imagination, innovation, quality and integrity. We build a deep understanding of our clients’ needs in order to produce at an unparalleled level of sophistication and professionalism at competitive prices.

Our continued growth and success is a result of our motto, service without boundaries™. Over the years and countless awards later, we are still a family-owned company with a culture that values personal relationships and putting the customer first.


The Southern California Experience — it’s a  location and a lifestyle all its own, a place where the elements have come together to form a landscape — both natural and cultural — unlike any other in the world. And for more than 30 years, we’ve been right here in the middle of it all — perfecting the elements that have propelled our small, family owned print shop in Culver City into one of the leading fine color commercial sheet fed printers and pre-media service providers in the country.


We call it the Southern California Graphics experience — an experience that can only come from the most talented staff, working in one of the most modern facilities and caring for their customers’ needs better than any other printer or pre-media company. Southern California may be big, but at Southern California Graphics ours is a company culture — based on quality, passion and imagination — that truly sets us apart from the crowd.