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    Giant Posters get Giant Responses

    Giant Posters get Giant Responses

    Today, most businesses large and small are scrambling each day to conjure up some innovative form of expressing their differentiation to their target audience. Despite the great leaps of the Internet, it too has become a very crowded marketplace. Not sure? Try Googling any product and watch the results pile up.



    The response to the online assault has put smiles on the faces of the highly experienced printers here at Southern California Graphics because they see the backlash as something that could be called, “Back to the Future.” In a relatively short time, there have been more orders for “old school” strategies such as direct mail campaigns and giant posters, for example,

    Online marketing is by no means a thing of the past. But smart businesses have learned that it is just one arrow in the business quiver and that to truly reach their prospects, bold statements such as giant posters can supplement any campaign by bringing a brand to life in an unforgettable way. Visibility is key and nothing screams visibility like giant posters.

    When you advertise with giant posters, you give your company an edge over your competition because they create an immeasurable overwhelming emotional reaction – always a good thing for your marketing campaign.

    We like giant posters because they’re portable and can accompany you at a conference, a sale, or any other event. Plus, they’re affordable and easy to read.

    Our giant poster printing services include event posters, school posters, product posters and campaign posters. Customized printing options are also available, of course. If you want to grow your business, giant poster printing can provide you with the boost you want.

    The SCG difference is our experience.

    Your creative development is crucial, of course, but having your giant poster project produced by an experienced printer will help ensure that it gets the attention it deserves. Southern California Graphics (SCG) is one of the most trusted names in printing.  Since our humble beginning in 1974 as small print shop, we have expanded our capabilities to include complex Large Format Printing processes that can produce projects to completely cover a wall, wrap a car, or even wrap an entire building.

    Our highly-experienced design and production teams understand how a target audience experiences a brand, and produce exceptional visual products to help achieve specific goals and are conscious of details such as “viewing distance,” which determines the effectiveness of the graphic elements in the final product. Over the years, SCG has continually invested in the latest technology and the most experienced people to help produce high-quality, long-lasting, stunning graphics that get noticed.

    In a B2B setting, where the proper presentation of your brand can have a crucial impact on your bottom line, turn to SCG to help position your brand to get the response you want with a dazzling poster campaign. For more information, call us at 310-596-4244 or click here to reach us online.



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