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    Why Print Advertising is Still Important

    There’s a lot of chatter online about print media and print advertising being “dead”, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Consider this: major online corporations Google, GoDaddy and HostGator all have major print marketing campaigns. These are businesses that work exclusively online, yet even they understand the importance of print advertising and direct mail.  Print advertising still has a major place in the marketing and advertising world – and in many ways, is the most effective form of advertising for businesses. PrintAdvertisingIsImportant

    Here are a few ways in which printed marketing materials are important:

    • Tangible: Printed pieces are a physical thing that take up weight and space and often stay within a home – meaning they have a longer “shelf life” than an online advertisement, which disappears into cyberspace as soon as the ad run is done.
    • Credibility: Print ads and direct mail advertising have a certain legitimacy about them. It shows that a company has invested in a message and their product and is confident enough in that product to invest in print marketing. Online ads and pop-ups do not lend that same authority.
    • Branding: Print marketing help solidify a company’s brand identity and allows a company to develop a consistent and easily-recognizable aesthetic.
    • Target Marketing:  By placing print ads in publications (like specialty magazines) or using printed advertising in a direct mail campaign, your business can effectively reach your target audience in a direct way.
    • Engaging: Studies show that consumers are far more engaged when reading printed material. Websites encourage skimming and browsing, and many people have trained their eyes to avoid ads on the side of the screen – or have turned their pop-up blockers on.
    • Bridges Technology: Many companies are using print media to help boost their online advertising efforts. This is especially true with QR Codes.
    • Wider Audience: Combined with online marketing, a solid print marketing or printed direct mail campaign creates a well-rounded approach to marketing. This approach ensures you are reaching all customers – from those who are extremely tech-savvy, to those who prefer the printed page.

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