Toy Packaging

We’ve all been there. You’re in the supermarket to pick up toilet paper, groceries or motor oil and you pass by the toy aisle. A little hand tugs on your bigger hand. You already knew it was coming. It happens every time you pass the toy aisle. And your son or daughter points out the toy with the brightest toy packaging – you know, the one with the happy kids playing with what your kids will swear is both the best toy even and a toy that everybody else’s kids have.

There is perhaps no category of product for which packaging is more important than toys; the right toy packaging can make or break the success of any toy. It’s important for your packaging to be functional, of course, but just as important that it highlights the toy in a way that will get children’s attention – and parents’ as well.

Making your toy the one that every kid wants

Let’s face it – you want the toys you manufacture and sell to be the ones that kids are pulling off the store shelves and begging mom and dad to buy. So, how do you make your toy stand out?

There are several ways you can do it. Part of it has to do with your advertising, of course. But even with a great advertising campaign, it’s important that the toy looks great up there on the shelf. You need toy packaging that practically screams, “Pick me, kid. I’m the one you want.”

For most toys, that starts with the toy packaging. It needs to pop. It needs to catch their eye and hold their attention long enough for them to ask their parents for it. And it needs to be appealing enough to the parents that they’ll shell out the money to buy it.

If your toy is fun, your toy packaging should be fun

Kids are going to have a blast playing with your toy, but only if they (or their parents) buy it. And they’re only going to buy it if they see something in the packaging that attracts them to it. It’s critical that toy packaging makes the toy look fun. It needs to show kids having a blast playing with the toy.

Southern California Graphics knows how to provide toy packaging that will get your toy off the shelves and into the shopping cart – and ultimately into some kid’s playroom. Your fun toy and our sharp, fun packaging form the perfect pair t take your toy sales to the next level.