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    The new century unfolded with a flood of virtual media, but that hasn’t stopped the world of print media, rather it has revolutionized it. Print media is more print-revolution(2)essential than ever before and technology has taken the medium to exciting new levels. The world of print exists in an ever changing landscape and has evolved to match its virtual competitors at every turn as the lines between print and virtual begin to blur. More than ever, print media must be a key component in every business’s marketing plan.

    What is Print Media?

    Simply stated, print media refers to any of the medium that disseminates printed matter, in all of its various forms.  They are distinguished from broadcast or electronically transmitted media.  Some refer to it with the term press, which aims at reaching a large number of people on a national basis. Print media has always carried a sense of significance and responsibility in communicating its message to its audience.  Commercial printing companies like Southern California Graphics, respect the history of print media, as their own history of 30 years in business bears testimony.

    Print Media Marketing

    There are many reasons why print is, and will remain an effective tool for delivering your branding and your messaging to both new and existing audiences.  Consider this; the balance in the world of marketing has shifted.  The once brand new, online, virtual messaging system was dramatic and without many competitors in the field; and so it was catching all the attention. Yet now, the virtual field is flooded, and it is print marketing that is catching all the consumer attention, and businesses are feeling the impact of print marketing all the time.

    Why a Print Revolution?

    One critical reason why we see there is a revolution in print marketing is clear;  customization.  Consumers are bombarded by virtual ads and print ads that are generated by one-size-all, mass marketing templates.  People tend to ignore them, hit delete, or throw them in the trash.  However, customized printing generated by a team that can sharpen your message and produce a high quality visual product, will reach your target in audience in a way that wakes them from the doldrums of incessant, generic marketing attempts.


    Technology is part of the revolution.  At Southern California Graphics, the latest in machinery and an experienced production staff can customize your print marketing with such tools as;  3D printing, lenticular image creation, and foil printing.  Imagine the consumer’s response when they receive a direct mailer postcard that’s produced with the likes of custom lenticular image creation. That is the type of marketing that turns a mailer into a lead, and a lead into a client.  Or, on a grander scale, imagine your next trade show booth sporting a large format 3D image. That is a marketing strategy that will make your brand the talked – about brand.  Consult with Southern California Graphics and allow them to guide you into the printing revolution.  The only thing that will be captured are your future sales


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