Social Media Backdrops

Creating Social Media Backdrops for Engagement


Social Media Backdrops


Social media is a phenomenon that many companies are still grappling with, as culture and consumer behavior shifts to fully exploit its opportunities. One aspect that has passed a lot of brands by until now is the opportunity that image-based platforms such as Instagram afford. There are millions of Instagram users looking for the next photo or Story that will help them ratchet up Likes and gain new followers. Your brand can, quite literally, be a part of their Story, a powerful cross-promotion that may make a significant difference with your brand’s engagement.


Luring People with a Great Backdrop


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One thing that will help your brand gather attention is a highly compelling backdrop. If you want an example, look no further than Paul Smith. His Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood premises is distinctive for being hot pink from top to bottom, and just might be the most Instagrammed building in Los Angeles. Any day you care to mention, there are people hanging out in its parking lot taking selfies. Of course, there is a benefit to being located in an area that already attracts a lot of foot traffic (Melrose has a reputation for excellent shopping), but the Instagram-readiness of the building doubtless lures a lot more people inside.


Make Sure to Represent Your Brand


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Of course, getting people to take Insta photos is only half the battle. That wall could be anywhere in the world: what makes the difference is everyone knowing who that wall belongs to. This is where exceptional branding comes in. How do you represent yourself succinctly, so as not to interfere with a great selfie (which is the only reason you have this opportunity in the first place, don’t forget). One thing that Los Angeles excels at, to the point that people make fun of it, is convincing people to pose against backdrops of angel wings. That’s effective branding! Some high-status locations can ease up on the branding and count on their cachet to carry them, as Instagram users tag themselves with the location, but other brands will have to work a little harder. Make sure that somewhere on the wall (preferably somewhere out of the prime selfie-taking area so as not to interfere with shots) there is a hashtag for social media users to jump on, and/or a reminder to location tag for maximum effect.


Decals and Wall Wraps

When you’re looking for ways to spruce up your walls, you could pay for an expensive paint job, that will take at least a day to finish and be prone to damage requiring repaints. Alternatively, you could invest in a professionally-designed decal or wall wrap from Southern California Graphics division. Wall wraps are hardy, weather resistant, and far cheaper and quicker to install. You can also replicate it far more easily, if you want a spare or to reproduce the graphics at another location– which, if is a success, you well might.

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