Short Run Packaging

You’re looking for a great deal on packaging. You want the graphics to pop, you want everything about your packaging to look professional. You don’t want to overspend. The problem is that this is a short run production. And you’ve had enough experience to know that generally means you’re going to end up paying more – sometimes a lot more.

At Southern California Graphics, a commercial printing LA company, we work with lots of clients for short run packaging – and we do it without gouging them on prices. We understand that a satisfied client will be back with additional packaging business and we’re ready, willing and able to do what it takes to win and keep your business.

Best of all, we have no minimums on our short run packaging. You can get the same high quality packaging you expect from leaders in the custom printing and packaging business, even when you’re delivering a very limited quantity of your product for a short period.

Our short run packaging options allow you to get the high quality, sharp looking packaging that puts your company and its products in the best light while helping you achieve faster-than-ever turnaround times. There’s no need to sacrifice, either on the quality of the packaging or on the delivery times when you use Southern California Graphics for your short run packaging needs. And if you’re like most – especially if you’re experienced with short run packaging – you’ll be surprised at our highly competitive pricing.

Here’s how the process works:

First, we determine the pricing. You can count on Southern California Graphics to give you a fair price, fast – even if you’re only ordering one package. We understand that, almost by definition, those who are looking for short run packaging are looking for speed of production. And since that can’t start until the numbers are worked out, we make sure to get your quote to you fast.

Once we come to terms on the price, we help you design the packaging. We offer a variety of templates or we can custom design something specific to your short run packaging needs. If you have a template already put together, all the better. We can work with what you have. Either way, we supply a black cut to ensure that the packaging works perfectly for your short run packaging needs.

Once the packaging passes muster, we provide a full color production proof – one that looks just like the ones your customers will ultimately receive. This gives you the opportunity to make any corrections needed to the color or design. Once that’s done, our LA commercial printer goes right into production on your short run packaging project. Whether you run a large multinational corporation or simply need printing for small businesses, we offer print packaging Los Angeles in time that’s tops in the industry.