Prototype Packaging

There’s only one way a product can go from prototype to production – it needs to impress the right people. And an important but often overlooked part of making that all-important first impression is your prototype packaging. The right LA commercial printer can make more difference than you may realize.

Your prototype packaging needs to make a statement. It needs to say, “We’re here, we’re breaking new ground, blazing new trails and taking over the industry.”

And it needs to say it loud and proud enough for those who hold the purse strings and make the decisions to stand up and take notice.

Your Choice of Commercial Printing LA Matters

That’s why there’s only one LA commercial printer to seriously consider with your prototype packaging, a Los Angeles packaging printer who will get it right the first time – Southern California Graphics.

At Southern California Graphics, our cutting edge 3D digital modeling technology allows us to go from concept to design to prototype packaging production quickly, efficiently and at a price point that may surprise you. And once the prototype becomes a product in production, we can seamlessly transition to large or small run packaging production. We handle everything from one-off prototype packaging to the largest of commercial printing LA orders.

Most prototypes get one chance to make an impression. Make sure you make one that they won’t forget, starting with the prototype packaging.

Confidentiality — You can Trust Southern California Graphics with your Prototype

Dealing with a prototype is always a sensitive business. In most cases, our clients need a high level of confidentiality. You don’t want potential competitors aware of your product or even your trademarked prototype packaging before it hits the market.

When you trust your prototype packaging design to Southern California Graphics, you can rest easy, knowing that everyone involved in the project, from the packaging designers to the graphic artists to the men and women who roll out the packaging on the production line understands the importance of keeping your proprietary information confidential.

Prototype Packaging and Printing for Small Businesses or Large

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a start up trying to make your mark in the world or a large multinational corporation that needs dozens of prototype packaging projects every year. We handle all types of clients and provide prototype packaging printing for small businesses and large, local and international. When you need print packaging Los Angeles, Southern California Graphics is the only name you need to know.