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    Print Marketing Strategy: “THE GOOD, the BAD, AND the UGLY”

    Current marketing strategy acknowledges that print media has had a strong resurgence, and marketing executives are very enthusiastic about keeping collateral print material in their arsenal.   However, one must be discriminating because as movie director Sergio Leone has KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAinformed us, there are the good, bad, and the ugly in every forum, even commercial printing.   The only thing worse than bad commercial print marketing, would be ugly commercial print marketing and you may be surprised that it does exist.  Carefully avoid it, because its cost is far greater than any dollars you may have saved in printing runs.

    Ideas for a GOOD Print Marketing Strategy

    Chances are that if you’re producing  DIY print materials,  reproduced at a big – box  store, then you’re in the ugly category of  commercial printing.  No matter how good it appears to your balance sheet on the surface,  time, energy, and dollars are being spent on printed material that won’t represent you very well.  Take a step away from this marketing model and consider a better strategy.    It would serve any business far better to produce one excellent piece of good print marketing material, even in a small amount, and build your marketing campaign upon that excellent foundation.  Consider a new and improved approach to your marketing strategy that recognizes the power that good print has to attract and keep consumers.  It’s ill advised to couch your brand messaging in anything less than superlative.

    The 12 Elements of “The Good Printing”

    Offset Lithography
    UV Lithography
    Digital Printing
    Material Variety
    Lenticular / 3D Motion Printing
    Large Format Printing
    Foil Stamping
    Die Cut Printing
    Saddle Stitch Binding
    8 and 9 Color Presses
    High End Retouching and Assembly

    Why SCG For the Highest Quality Printing in Los Angeles

    Southern California Graphics is a premier custom, commercial print house serving the greater Los Angeles area since 1974.   They are an awarding winning printing firm that knows quite well what good print marketing means, and they will partner with you on any project large or small, and find a budget that works for you while never sacrificing quality.  Allow their creative team to assist you in formulating the latest marketing strategies, and executing the best custom print marketing to capture your brand message and grab customer attention.  Consult with SCG for custom, commercial printing, and never be in the bad or ugly print marketing category again.  In this competitive, global marketplace, you simply can’t afford it.

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