Print Drives Technology

The fastest way to promote your business is through Marketing. The second fastest way is to make a mistake.
Southern California Graphics adapted to the Internet.
The internet was supposed to be the death of printing. AT Southern California Graphics we didn’t shy away from the internet, we embraced it. Conforming to new marketign tecniques we have been a valueable piece to market a new website.  By integrating Data, QR Codes, and Social Integration , printing is more alive then ever.
Printing Drives Traffic to Websites
SEO isn’t the only way to drive traffic to your website. Printing is another way to garuanttee that traffic hits your website. While Google can charge you upwards of $5 a click, it isn’t always the cheapest alternative to market your business. Major eccomerce fortune 500 companies have turned to print to drive people to there online shopping ground.
Printing is Back
You ever go to a car dealership to buy or lease a car and you ask for there book, and they tell you to go online to “build your car”. All you wanted to do is see the brochure and what colors are available. It’s annoying and companies agree. Car Dealership and others are bringing back the catalog. The catalog and marketing piece in hand is driving more eyes to your products within your website. Build a car while your at a THE Dealership, Good idea!
How about you have a the brochure with the options and Awesome QR code to direct them to that page after they leave the dealership!
Virtual Impressions, Don’t really make an Impression.
GNC and Coco Cola acknoledged that Facebook Ad’s just don’t work. They pulled there marketing budgets because they concluded that it is the only marketing tactics that couldn’t justify one sale.  The whole thought that you can reach and impress 1000’s of people a day just isn’t real and unprofitable.
Play the “Google” Dance with an SEO Company, be in the Red with your Pay Per Click Campaign, or get a fake impression from Facebook, at the end of the day having a printed piece of paper with a message, will assure you that someone will type in your URL.
Recent Print Piece that Successfully Drove Clients to the Website: