Clients rely on the comprehensiveness and sophistication of Southern California Graphics’s pre-press services. Printing services experts assist clients in file submission and then provide complete management services, checking specs, proofing, retouching and finishing. If a file will be printed elsewhere (e.g. a magazine), they liaise with the recipients to ensure the file is submitted correctly, removing all worry and responsibility from a client’s shoulders.

We also employ “job stock proofing,” which proofs images directly onto project-specific paper and allows for corrections – making accurate prediction of print reproduction quality before ever laying ink on paper. In addition, “soft proofing technology” allows clients to manage their entire proofing workflow online, while sharing it with colleagues around the word.

Our pre-press services also encompass customized workflow solutions for each client, adjusted to their work process yet streamlined for efficiency.

Southern California Graphics pre-press services include:

  • Color correction
  • File assembly
  • File transmission
  • Proofing
  • Data asset management
  • Retouching
  • Photo manipulation
  • Packaging
  • Art re-working
  • Photoshop retouching
  • Press check