Pre-Media, Color Management & More

At the core of Southern California Graphics print solution’s is pre-media and color management. We were one of the first companies in Los Angeles to establish our pre-media department and is one of the most important aspects that separates us from other Los Angeles printing companies. One of the biggest fundamental elements of a good print job is the files, color production, management, how ink prints on substrates and the artistic eye to know what image is going to print best.

The printed material is the culmination of all the up front intelligence. Our creative skill set ensures we manage color to maximize the visual impact across all printed media. Our precise production of printing files takes full advantage of all printing techniques, presses and devices. And it all takes place around the clock and has been done for our Fortune 500 clients as well as the medium size businesses.

  • Ad material services
  • Proofing – Hard and Soft
  • Asset Management
  • Retouching
  • Design Support

Color Management

Southern California Graphics is also G7 certified and spent countless amounts of time and energy investing in the print marketing process. Color management is a integral part of the quality of work provided by a printing company. For those reason we have outlined some of the core principles and services that our color management department haskTKjQEJiztywMpZO9QA4c8T2Ux6CRKfbMpocKxGV5mE,sJqfhlkJjjqnT0hlLDL_0yz1XKwiZ6TBQRd76Z5tYr8 to offer. All color management work is done in our Culver City office.

  • Recognized leader and innovator in the print industry
  • Certified G7 Master Printer since 2007 and ColorCert certified
  • Precise, web-based, global color management control capability with online dashboard verification
    and reporting
  • Our products are in compliance with GRACoL and SWOP standards
  • Color managed workflow from capture to print
  • Consistent brand image across all devices and substrates
  • Internal and external implementation

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