Lenticular Printing for Entertainment

Some of our most popular Lenticular DVD covers!

Some of our most popular Lenticular DVD covers!

 Your Premier Choice for Lenticular Printing for Entertainment

At Southern California Graphics, we offer lenticular printing for entertainment industries that’s creative, reliable, and professional. We are an experienced group of digital printing experts and we are ready to take on your next project!

What is Lenticular Printing for Entertainment?

  • It’s a technology that uses lenticular lenses- that’s where it’s name comes from!
  • The lenticular lense is often used for 3D displays
  • Lenticular printing creates the illusion of depth for a visually exciting experience
  • A lenticular image can appear as if it’s changing right in front of your eyes as it is viewed from different angles!
  • It’s an innovative printing method that has increased in popularity over the past several years
  • It creates visually stunning 3D motion
  • It is very often used in the entertainment industry
  • It’s a multi-step process that our team of printers is very familiar with

 What is the Lenticular Printing Process Like?

  • First, professional images are collected
  • Then, they’re flattened into individual frame files
  • Next, they are digitally combined into a single, final file
  • This process is called “Interlacing
  • Then, images are printed to the back of a lens or substrate
  • Next, they are laminated to lens

This entire process requires an incredible sense of attention. When we perform lenticular printing for entertainment, you can be sure that our printers are detailed, meticulous, highly skilled, and accurate. We’ll make sure that your image never loses its sense of being alive and that you receive a high-quality 3D product.

 What is lenticular printing used for in the entertainment industry?

  • DVD covers
  • Posters
  • POP displays
  • Business cards
  • Magazine covers
  • CD covers
  • Promotional products and items

Southern California Graphics specializes in commercial printing solutions in the Los Angeles area. We have been in business since 1974 and have over 40 years of experience. To learn more about our lenticular printing for entertainment options, check out website, Facebook page, or call (310) 559-3600.