Laminated Menu Printing

Laminated Menu Printing

High Quality Laminated Menu Printing

When it comes to premier laminated menu printing, there is no team more experienced or hardworking. Superior quality laminated menu printing allows you to communicate your business brand with full color visual imagery and captivating copy that makes your patrons’ mouths water. Our laminated menu printing is perfect for restaurant, food or beverage service industries and available to be customized for whatever you needs may be. The skilled professionals at Southern California Graphics can confidently offer a range of commercial printing capabilities, including:

●     Small business printing

●     Large format printing

●     Folding-gluing

●     Promotional products and items

●     Packaging

●     and more

Southern California Graphics specializes in offering laminated menu printing. With over 90 employees in Culver City we have invested in some of the top of the line technology, people within the industry, as well as equipment to make sure every single print marketing piece stands out from the rest. You will find that our process and service is superior to any printer you can find in the Los Angeles area.


Don’t be afraid to get creative with your laminated menu printing. Have some ideas on how to make your menus stand out and show off your personality? Contact us today to speak with one of our product specialists.


Dine in laminated menu printing is done on a 10 pt cover stock, a flexible paper that is great for folding. Get in touch with one of our product specialists to discuss the options of printing on heavier stock.


After being printed, our menus are laminated with a standard 3 mil gloss lamination. This provides extra protection that helps with the wear and tear that happens with menus, it is what makes the product reusable.


Lamination creates an extra 1/8th of an inch “lip”, an extra clear edge or border. Since sealed edge affects the overall visual appeal, we offer flushed edge, which trims off the extra lamination. Keep in mind that the sealed edge actually seals in the paper and adds to the menus lifespan.


Laminated menu printing requires that menus be due scored for easier folding but are sent flat. Our standard folding options include the popular half fold and trifold. Contact one of our product specialists to discuss any other folding option you might have in mind for your menus.

Laminated Menu Printing & More

Founded in 1974 as a small, family business, Southern California Graphics has taken home some of the most prestigious printing awards. We have the most sophisticated print, pre-press, data-driven marketing, large format, and packaging technologies. To learn more about Southern California Graphics and our high quality laminated menu printing, please call 310-559-3600 or visit our website.