Holiday Printing

Holiday Printing – A Seasonal Opportunity

All businesses have times of year that present specific marketing opportunities. A men’s clothing store, for example, can make the most out of Father’s Day, and office supply stores can promote back-to-school items to help boost sales.

But the one time of year that unites all of them is the holiday season that begins around Halloween. (Yes, it seems to be arriving earlier each year, but that’s another blog post.)

So, how can holiday printing help your business? The answer cannot always be determined by drawing a line from your holiday printing strategy to increased business. Rather, holiday printing provides you with a special opportunity to keep your business top-of-mind with your existing customers and your top prospects. Here are five specific ways that a holiday printing program from Southern California Graphics (SCG) can help:

  1. Holiday printing provides you with the opportunity to say thank you without sounding gratuitous. It’s the perfect time of year when you can let your customers know how valued they are in a sincere, meaningful way.
  2. By initiating a holiday printing program with Southern California Graphics, you are creating the ability to reconnect, possibly over the next twelve months. That’s because Southern California Graphics can print a valuable gift calendar as part of your program – one that will be in front of your customers for the rest of the year.
  3. A holiday printing program can help promote your brand, or remind customers why they buy from you instead of the competition.
  4. Holiday printing can show your customers the breadth and depth of your creativity. Every year here at Southern California Graphics, for example, we always remark on the best-looking holiday cards we receive, or the ones we create for our own customers. They become seasonal works of art that get passed around, which means that your name gets passed around, too. That lasting impression is priceless.
  5. Your holiday printing program from Southern California Graphics can help you re-ignite lost business or turn “B” customers into “A” customers simply by providing an additional touch point.

Unlike most holiday printing companies, Southern California Graphics knows that the smallest detail could cause damage to a brand reputation and so we have established exacting standards to ensure the continuity of our holiday printing. This is the time of year to shine and Southern California Graphics follows holiday printing protocols that produce the highest possible quality to make the best possible impression, at affordable prices.

That business strategy has made us the printer of choice for holiday printing throughout Southern California and beyond for over 40 years.

Experience superior printing for your holiday printing 

Southern California Graphics (SCG) has been a trusted corporate holiday printing company for over 40 years. Our design and production teams understand how a target audience experiences a brand, and produces exceptional quality. Our print shop houses only the leading edge technology print equipment and machinery to help provides super sharp holiday printing images and text.


A comprehensive, strategic holiday printing program can help your business, but only if it’s done right. So turn to Southern California Graphics to help print the holiday printing you need to maintain the relationships you need. For more information, call us at (310) 559-3600 or click here to reach us online.