Holiday Printing and Corporate Greeting Cards

2013 has flown by and tis the time to start thinking about creating your holiday printing and corporate greeting cards. With the holiday seasons upon us there are great ways to show your loved ones or business associates you’re thinking of them over the holidays. There are a ton of different customized greeting cards, calendars and holiday cards that you can send them. Here are a couple of different ways to customize your holiday season to have that more “personal” touch.







Customized Holiday Calendars

There are many religion and countries in the world, with many having varying observances, celebrations and unique festivities. Creating a holiday calendar will make sure you don’t forget any of those unforgettable moments and dates. Holiday calendars don’t have to be just for 2013, you can send clients, customers, or family a unique calendar with special events and days each Holiday Calendarmonth. With every passing day and month, your customers, friends and family will think of that special occasion. With the year of the end rush and New Years in hindsight people forget about creating a custom new calendar. At Southern California Graphics we are able to create that special calendar and create customized date grids. You are just a phone call away from integrating your log, product images, and other photos and placing them within your Holiday Calendar. If you are looking for the best corporate holiday gift sending a customized calendar is the perfect informal gift.

Holiday Greeting Cards

This is probably a no brainer, but one of the most traditional ways to spead job and cheer is through greeting cards. No matter what holiday it is, you can expect your mailbox filled with holiday greeting cards from close family members, family, and vendors. At Southern California Graphics we have already started developing our holiday greeting cards. With Thanksgiving, Halloween, and other holidays coming up, don’t procrastinate and wait to get your holiday cards printed. The last thing you want to do is send a holiday card late! With a greeting card you are able to create a personalized message that isn’t a generic email. Make your own Christmas card or holiday greetings, or you can creat thank you cards to suit your style or design of your promotion/ giveaway. Greeting cards and company discounts are another great way to entice holiday shoppers to remember your store front/ company.

Holiday Greeting Cards

At Southern California Graphics you have different options when creating your holiday greeting cards. You can create a folded greeting card or a flat holiday greeting card. If you don’t know the difference give us a call and we will make sure to outline all the different holiday business card options.

Customized Holidays Invitations

Callings, email, facebook invites, just don’t have the personal touch of sending a holiday invite to your friends, family, and loved ones. Let’s face it you have enough on your plate Holiday Invitationsputting together a holiday party. Don’t make your holiday invitations a daunting task, pass the burden onto us to help you create and print the perfect holiday business card. The holidays are the one time a year that sending a Facebook invite seems a little cheesy or spammy. Our printed holiday invitations are designed with flexibility and usefulness in mind as well as beauty and fun. Depending on your budget we can help conceptualize the project and point you in the right direction.

It takes no effort or thought to invite people through email, and you want to make sure that you holiday party stands out from the rest. Create a customized holiday invitation to let everyone know that your festivities are more than an insincere “send all” approach.

Other Holiday Ideas

At Southern California Graphics we have a ton of other holiday printing services that we offer: customized holiday address labels, gift labels, door hangers, posters, and banners. AT Southern California Graphics we offer unparalleled quality and service to make sure that you have the best holiday print experience. If you are local and within the Los Angeles area you are also able to stop in to do a press check, meet the team, and grab a cup of pumpkin or holiday spiced coffee.