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    Have you researched the marketplace to determine if there is consumer need for your product or service, and are now ready to launch an ad campaign? Well, just as you executed a plan during the market research phase of development, so must you have a solid plan to execute an intelligent and effective ad or marketing campaign.  According to the Small Business Association, or SBA  http://www.sba.gov/content/developing-marketing-plan , your marketing plan is the initial step in differentiating yourself from your competition in order to make sales profits.



    Effective ads never lose sight of connecting with the target audience and all the elements of the add support that consumer connection.  You have a limited amount of space to capture audience attention and must make the most of the visual and the copy working together toward grabbing that attention.  Experts in the industry agree on four main elements of an effective print ad.

    Powerful Image: A single, easily recognizable image that has visual impact and makes a strong visual statement about your brand, separating it from all other brands.

    Strong Headline: A strong headline isn’t limited to a motto or slogan, but must reflect the meaning behind your brand while highlighting the message of your visual image.  A good headline may be playful or serious as long as it has punch.

    Clear Copy: The best ads have succinct well written copy with a message that has value.  Copy can make both an emotional and an informational connection to the consumer while persuading in favor of your brand.

    Contact: A winning print ad always includes contact information and a logo or its alternate. Contact information must be clearly visible in order to encourage consumer follow up to the product or service.


    Once you’ve determined how to market your product or service, consult with a premier, custom, commercial printing company like Southern California Graphics, SCG  https://socalgraph.com.If you haven’t already completed a design for yoru print ad or ad campaign, their expert staff can guide you from design to completion with custom solutions tailored to your brand. If your ad design is already complete, then SCG will bring your vision to fruition.

    In the greater Los Angeles area, SCG has the experience and technology behind their print media services https://socalgraph.com/capabilities/print-media-services/ to deliver on all of your print ad needs in a timely manner, with competitive pricing, and the highest quality of print methodology.  Explore their multitude of print capabilities  https://socalgraph.com/capabilities/ and then partner with them today to develop and fulfill the most effective print advertising your brand and your brand messaging deserves.



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