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    Direct Mail Los Angeles – Improved Response

    Direct Mail Los Angeles – Improved Response

    Costa Mesa High School in Orange County, Calif., has not produced its school newspaper, The Hitching Post, for three years. The last time it was produced, it was available only in a digital format, called The Equestrian.

    When the recent decision was made to resurrect the publication, the journalism teacher in charge chose print. About the decision, the school principal, Jacob Haley, said, “I don’t think that people get the same feeling from a virtual paper. It wasn’t creating enough conversation. When a print paper is delivered to a classroom, students are excited to read it. It really becomes the voice on your campus.”


    The reinvention of a printed piece supports a recent theme in this blog – that those who wrote off print media were premature.

    One of the most powerful print options available today is direct mail, which has shown a tremendous resurgence in the last couple of years.

    But why? Why is this “old-fashioned” way of communicating becoming such a hot format? The answer is simple: It works. One reliable source estimates direct mail response rates approximately seven times that of a similar digital campaign.

    To understand why a prospect would respond seven times more to a printed piece than to a banner ad, tower ad, e-mail, or any other digital format, one has only to understand the target audience.

    In any sales situation, the target audience is a cheapskate with the one part of their lives that they can never get more of: They are cheap with their time. Digital formats have made it very easy for all of us to be so efficient with our time that we can delete messaging even before we see it: We can delete e-mails without opening them and we can unsubscribe so that a sender will never be again be able to reach out to us.

    But “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these [postmen] from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” And the delivery of your direct mail.

    The better printing difference

    The creative development of your direct mail is crucial, of course, but having your masterpiece produced by an experienced printer will help ensure that it gets the attention it deserves. And nothing beats printing with a firm that is concerned about the environment.

    In the world of Los Angeles printing services, Southern California Graphics (SCG) has been a trusted name for over 40 years. Our design and production teams understand how a target audience experiences a brand, and produces exceptional visual products. Plus, our print shop houses only the leading edge technology print equipment and machinery, including the new HP Indigo 10000 Press, which provides super sharp images and text.

    SCG is the commercial printing company with the right collateral materials to satisfy all of your B2B marketing strategies, including:

    • Business cards
    • Brochure printing
    • Folder printing
    • 3D printing
    • Large format printing
    • Catalog printing
    • And yes, direct mail

    In a B2B setting, where contracts have crucial dollar value and importance, turn to SCG to help position your brand to get the response you want. For more information, call us at (310) 559-3600 or click here to reach us online.

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