Digital Print Packaging

As a savvy marketer, you’re always looking for ways to build your brand awareness and you understand that packaging plays an important part in people’s purchasing decisions. Well designed and presented digital print packaging can make all the difference between whether a shopper chooses your product or the competition’s. In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s critical to take advantage of every opportunity to get your branding in front of customers – including in the packaging.

Today’s digital printing technology provides new, exciting ways to build your brand awareness. Now, high quality, on-package printing is available in much less time and for a much more reasonable price than it has ever been because of digital print packaging. Set up fees are lower than ever and turnaround time has become lightning fast.

From Prototype to Production, a Commercial Printing LA Company You Can Trust

Whether you’re in the developmental stages and need to present a prototype or ready to ship your product to customers, it’s critical to have a Los Angeles packaging printer with digital print packaging capabilities that you can trust to handle your packaging and printing needs quickly and efficiently – all while producing digital print packaging that builds your brand and makes your products and company appealing to potential customers.

Benefits of Digital Print Packaging from SCG

We all know that digital print packaging looks much sharper than anything that has come before, but are there other reasons to make that switch and look for a Los Angeles packaging printer with digital capabilities? In a word, yes.

There are lots of benefits to going with digital print packaging, but some of the highlights include the lower cost, especially for new products; ability to print and produce packaging on demand rather than with large pre-orders that you may or may not use; ability to make revisions quickly on the fly to your digital print packaging; ability to personalize packaging – to the point of printing variable data that can be used to help you gather personalized household date; and faster turnaround, especially with short run production or regionally-based promotions.

On top of all of that, digital print packaging produces significantly less waste than older print packaging methods. Not only does this save you money, but it is friendlier to the environment we all live with and in.

Southern California Graphics is a leading LA commercial printer with digital print packaging capabilities. We handle everything from prototypes to large run production, from printing for small businesses to packaging for large international corporations. See for yourself why so many of the area’s leading businesses won’t trust their digital print packaging to anyone but SCG.