Custom USB Packaging

Customer acquisition and loyalty building are all about branding – getting your name in front of potential customers and keeping it there. One of the ways you can do that is with custom USB packaging.

These days, everyone uses USB drives – also called flash drives – and carries them around with them. Any time you can have your company logo and contact information on a piece of equipment that everyone is using, you provide opportunities to build your brand – to get your name out there and to put yourself in people’s minds.

Quality matters with custom USB packaging

We’ve all seen them. USB drives that used to have some company’s logo on them. Because they’re used often and handled, the logos wear off. While no one can guarantee that a logo will never wear off – after all, it’s printing on plastic, in most cases – the right equipment and printing techniques go a long way toward providing graphics that will last a long time on USB packaging.

At Southern California Graphics, we use quality materials, inks and design and printing methods that deliver long lasting, sharp-looking graphics for all of your print packaging Los Angeles needs, including custom USB packaging. We take your branding seriously.

Companies that benefit from custom USB packaging

So, what kinds of companies can benefit from having their logo and contact info emblazoned on a USB drive and on the USB packaging? There are the obvious ones, of course – any company that deals in any manner with computers, photography, music, video or other types of media or data that are typically stored in computers or on USB drives. But you don’t have to be in the computer business – or a tech or IT business at all – to benefit from having your logo on custom USB packaging.

In today’s competitive business world, it really is all about branding. You want to put yourself in front of potential customers as often and in as many ways as you can. So, regardless of what you are producing and selling, having your logo on custom USB packaging is beneficial. Even companies whose business has nothing directly to do with computers can benefit by using custom USB packaging as giveaways. It really comes down to putting your company’s branding on an item that people are going to use – and use often. A USB drive is one of many items that Southern California Graphics printing for small businesses and large businesses can provide to offer high-touch exposure for your branding and keep you on your customers’ minds.