Color Printing Los Angeles

Premier Color Printing in Los Angeles

Southern California Graphics is a family owned and operated business that specializes in color printing in Los Angeles. In addition to color printing in Los Angeles, we have over three decades of experience when it comes to the best Print Media and Commercial Print Solutions. Southern California Graphics print solutions works with you to market your business. Through print media, our skilled and experienced team is able to offer you advanced technical solutions that takes an ordinary print marketing piece, like color printing in Los Angeles, and takes it to the next level.

Our clients rely on the comprehensiveness and sophistication of Southern California Graphics’ color printing in Los Angeles. Our print experts assist clients in file submission and then provide complete management services, checking specs, proofing, retouching and finishing. If a file will be printed elsewhere (e.g. a magazine), we’ll take care of proper submission, removing all worry and responsibility from a client’s shoulders.

We also employ “job stock proofing,” which proofs images directly onto project-specific paper and allows for corrections – making accurate prediction of print reproduction quality before ever laying ink on paper. In addition, “soft proofing technology” allows clients to manage their entire proofing workflow online, while sharing it with colleagues around the word.

Southern California Graphics’ color printing in Los Angeles services include color correction, file assembly, file transmission, proofing, data asset management, retouching, photo manipulation, packaging, art re-working, Photoshop retouching, and press checks.

The Best Color Printing in Los Angeles

Southern California Graphics is a premier, world-leader in commercial and color printing in Los Angeles services. We maintain a culture of excellence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Southern California Graphics: service without boundaries™.

Founded in 1974 as a small, family business, Southern California Graphics has taken home some of the most prestigious printing awards. We have the most sophisticated print, pre-press, data-driven marketing, large format, and packaging technologies. But what really sets us apart is our staff of passionate and innovative print specialists. We’re large enough to take care of all your printing in-house but small enough to provide focused, friendly, flexible, fast and forward-thinking service. As your digital communications partner, we provide customized solutions to meet your needs and, in turn, change the way you do business.

  • Printing Service 24 hours a day, five days a week
  • HP Indigo 10000 Press
  • Meet critical deadlines with quick turn-around times
  • From pre-media to the finished product
  • Specialty colors and multi-color press services
  • Color Printing in Los Angeles
  • UV printing
  • Die cutting and gluing
  • Saddle stitch and foil stamp printing
  • Large format printing
  • 3D poster printing
  • Direct mail marketing
  • Presentation and folder printing
  • Catalog printing
  • Ticket printing
  • Menu printing
  • Fulfillment
  • Business cards and brochures

At Southern California Graphics, our print marketing solutions include: color printing in Los Angeles, Pre Media, Digital Printing, Fulfillment, Mailing, Packaging, Branding, Variable Data, and traditional print solutions. To learn more about Southern California Graphics and premium color printing in Los Angeles, please call 310-559-3600 or visit our website