Brand Printing on Sports Tape

Brand Printing on Sports Tape


Brand Printing on Sports Tape


Sport is and always has been an excellent way of convincing people to favor your product. This has never been more true than today. How does sports tape figure into this? Well, sports tape is increasingly popular with both amateur and professional athletes. It is used by competitors in televised and press photography-covered events. That public wear can be a great source of exposure for your brand, with millions of eyeballs on your logo. But how to get it there? And are there methods of promoting your brand that aren’t quite so exclusive and high profile?


Properties of Sports Tape


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Sports tape has many uses. Athletes use it to help prevent sprains and ease muscle strain, or sometimes to make themselves look more intimidating to their opposite numbers. It’s adhesive, to help bind it in place, and typically made of cotton, so it can stretch and twist as needed. This can also mean that printing a logo onto it can be taxing. You need a specialist print service that prints onto special fabrics in order to make sure that you get all the colors and detail that your design requires.


Printing Branded Sports Tape


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It’s harder than you might imagine to print branded sports tape. The problem is that it is required to be highly flexible and durable, which disqualifies a lot of common substrates used by print companies. This is why you need a print company with the expertise of Southern California Graphics– we have the high quality printers required to print onto substrates that can handle the wear and tear that sports tape goes through. With the experience we have in managing atypical substrates, we are the obvious choice. Trust us to produce your branded sports products, not only tape but also t-shirts, pennants, sports bottles, and other such products.


Uses of Branded Sports Tape


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Once you have your freshly printed sports tape, covered in your brand’s logo, you can start to think about how best to employ it. You can give it to your local college’s or high school’s sports teams. When they use it, they will have a good impression of your brand, but more importantly, they will be seen by the hundreds, possibly thousands of fans that turn out to see them. You can also strike up a partnership with a local gym: perhaps new members could receive a roll of sports tape as a reward. If your company is equipped with gym facilities, you can also keep sports tape in there for your employees to use. It may also be of use to local businesses such as martial arts studios or rock climbing facilities, that can share it with their clients and raise your brand awareness that way.

If you’re interested in how we can make your brand’s sports tape look its best and most durable, get in touch now! Say hello at We look forward to hearing from you!