Premedia Proofing and Prepress Image Altering Los Angeles

Premedia Image Editing and Rendering Los Angeles.

Southern California Graphics has been dedicated to providing premier quality printing for 40 years. Our team of professional and experienced printers is committed to innovative design, reliable quality, and reasonable prices. For all of your art prepress design needs in Los Angeles, visit our team for the best quality service.

Southern California Graphics specializes in art prepress design in Los Angeles and our printing capabilities go beyond ink on paper. Every proof, every edit, every print solution needs to be perfected- check out our video all about our print solutions and premedia print capabilities here. SoCal Graph is an experienced team of printers that knows you require reliability, efficiency, and the best customer service 24/7. Our Prepress clients rely on the comprehensive nature of our services as well as our customized workflow solutions.

Our art prepress design in Los Angeles revolves around various elements such as color correction, file assembly, file transmission, proofing, data asset management, retouching, photo manipulation, packaging, art re-working, Photoshop retouching, press check, and more. We also employ “job stock proofing” which proofs images directly onto project-specific paper and allows for corrections- making accurate predictions of print reproduction quality before ever laying ink on paper. Additionally, “soft-proofing technology” allow clients to manage their entire proofing workflow online, while sharing it with their colleagues all around the world.

Industry Specific Art Prepress Design Available in Los Angeles

At Southern California Graphics, we know that our amazing clients consistently rely on the comprehensiveness and sophistication of SCG’s art prepress design in Los Angeles services. Printing services experts assist clients in file submission and then provide complete management services, checking specs, proofing, retouching, and finishing. If a file will be printed elsewhere like a magazine or other media publication, they liaise with the recipients to ensure the file is submitted correctly, removing all worry and responsibility from a client’s shoulders.

Our team of printing professionals is renown for the quality, clarity, and fluidity of our processes. We are known for our friendliness and professionalism as well as for the sense of personal attention that we provide each client and each project. For over 40 years, Southern California Graphics has been a premier, world-leader in commercial printing services. We like to say that we maintain a culture of excellence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and our motto is “Service without boundaries.” For all of your printing needs, including art prepress design in Los Angeles, visit our team of qualified experts.

Since 1974, Southern California Graphics has proudly served the Los Angeles community for all of its printing needs. We have experienced working with small businesses and national, industry leading companies as well as clients in a diverse range of industries. For art prepress design in Los Angeles visit our website or call 310-559-3600.